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Introducing "Being a Strata Professional" Interactive Video Series

There are many roles and responsibilities within the strata industry and sometimes it can be difficult to understand these roles and who to turn to when you need assistance.   

At CHU, we understand the complexities of the strata industry and we’ve created a series of interactive videos that will shine a light on some of the key roles within the strata industry.  

Whether you're a first-time apartment owner navigating the world of strata, or an aspiring professional aiming to make a mark in the industry, our interactive series is tailored for you.  

Our interactive video series, "Being a Strata Professional," is your ticket to the heart of the strata industry, offering insights and expertise directly from the source. 

Throughout this series we will introduce you to key professionals from the industry. Each expert has taken the time to explain their role, the intricacies of the industry and some of the deeper insights only experience can deliver.  

The video series includes:  

  • Being a Strata Broker 
  • Being a Strata Manager – coming soon 
  • Being an Underwriter – coming soon 
  • Being a Claims Manager – coming soon 

Being a Strata Broker - Meet Alistair Gibney 

The first of our interactive video series features Alistair Gibney, Managing Director, BCB.  Alistair’s 40-year insurance career spans large international brokers, insurance companies and specialist brokers.   

Since 2007, Alistair’s been driving BCB’s incredible growth story. He has created an enviable reputation for BCB and its business partners as  trusted and experienced specialist advisers, acting as advocates for strata and related communities.   

In this video, Alistair delves into the world of strata broking and what it means to be a strata broker. As you will discover, Alistair is passionate about insurance, and provides insights into the world of a strata broker. 

As a qualified intermediary between insurers and policyholders, Alistair highlights the broker's responsibility to act in the policyholder's best interest. This involves navigating the insurance market, providing advice, and ensuring effective coverage and claims outcomes. 

In essence, being a strata broker involves more than just securing insurance – it's about building trust, offering valuable insights, and being a reliable partner in the complex world of strata insurance. 

To learn more, click on the button below to unlock the expertise:  

‘Being A Strata Professional’ Spotlight Series