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What is contents insurance?

Should I consider contents insurance?

It’s not until things go wrong that you realise how expensive it can be to replace your belongings. Contents insurance can protect you against the cost of replacing your possessions if a major disaster hits such as a fire, storm, malicious damage or theft.

What is included in CHU’s Contents Insurance for Strata product?

CHU’s Contents Insurance for Strata covers contents on a replacement (new for old) basis against loss or damage from specified events including household and personal items from computers, televisions, electrical appliances and sound systems to jewellery, clothing, furniture and even important documents, works of art and musical instruments. Your policy even offers coverage for unspecified high risk outdoor items like your bike and tools of trade.

If your home unit becomes unfit to live in, we will cover reasonable accommodation costs as an added benefit paid in addition to your contents sum insured.

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Doesn’t building insurance cover me?

No. Building insurance only covers the building. Your possessions must be covered by you.

Contents insurance for strata explained

Confused about what contents insurance for strata covers? Watch this video for a full explanation of what it covers: