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CHU Consult

Technical Building Consulting Services

CHU Consult offer expert consulting for residential and commercial strata buildings.

Welcome to CHU Consult

CHU Consult manages and supports their clients with technical building and construction reporting and advice by providing a range of consulting and reporting services for strata properties. CHU Consult can also help with the engagement of specialists for location or building specific reports or services that may be required. 

CHU Consult consists of a team of construction experts. Our team know and understand construction, and we are your best place to start. CHU Consult are here to manage and support the business and clients with technical building (construction) reporting and advise. 

Some of the reporting that offered by CHU Consult include:

  • Causation Reports
  • Scopes of Work
  • Cause and Scope verification
  • Tender Submissions and Verification
  • Repair Audits
  • Desktop Verifications
  • Project Management
  • Builder Management 

CHU Consult can also tailor reports to suit our clients' needs. 

What is CHU Consult?

Learn more about CHU Consult and meet the team with this informative video.