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What is included?

Contents insurance - With new-for-old replacement

CHU Contents Insurance for Strata, gives you the peace of mind you need when the unexpected turns your life upside-down.

What is included in contents insurance?

Contents insurance covers most of the things you have in and around your home, from small personal items such as jewellery and mobile phones to household goods, business equipment and clothing. Outdoor items are also covered even if they are stored outside, including surfboards and bikes as long as you locked them securely.

All these items are included:

  • Household goods
  • Electronic items
  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Floor coverings
  • Internal blinds, curtains
  • Relocatable light fixtures
  • White goods
  • Clothing and other personal effects
  • Children’s toys
  • Specified contents
  • High risk items

All these items are included up to pre-determined sub-limits, with these limits dependent on the level of cover you want.

What does contents insurance cover?

Your contents are covered in the event of fire, storm, flood, earthquake, theft, or malicious damage by an intruder.

What’s more, some personal items are covered away from home, these include bicycles (as long as you lock them securely!), mobile phones, jewellery, rings and wedding bands.

Is it only material things that are covered?

Surprisingly… no. CHU Contents Insurance for Strata includes liability cover as well, which covers the death or injury of someone in your place.

What is not covered by contents insurance?

Unlike home and contents insurance, CHU’s simpler contents insurance does not cover the building as this is usually covered by strata insurance. Nor does contents insurance cover normal wear and tear, any intentional damage, gardens and plants, pets and animals, loose gemstones, or items such as powered watercraft, caravans, motor vehicles, inground pools and spas, caravans or trailers.