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Being a Strata Manager - Meet Emily Doherty

The second video in our interactive video series ‘Being A Strata Manager’ introduces you to Emily Doherty, CEO of Bright & Duggan Property Group. 

As a member of the Board of Directors and Vice President of SCA (NSW), Emily has been a proactive member of the strata industry for 17 years. 

In 2019 Emily was appointed to the Board of Directors and became the Chair of the Professional Strata Managers Committee. She is also an active member of the professional Standards Scheme taskforce, the Professional Conduct and Oversight Committee, and the NSW Risk and Finance Committee. 

Emily joined the Bright & Duggan Property Group in September 2022 as CEO after spending 16 years at Smarter Communities across a variety of senior leadership roles.  

Emily has an exceptional reputation within the strata industry which makes her well-equipped to share her experiences and knowledge of ‘Being a Strata Manager’ as part of CHU’s interactive video series ‘Being A Strata Professional’.  

In this video, Emily explains what it means to be a Strata Manager, from the day to day responsibilities including managing maintenance and communication with owners, to aiding with insurance decisions and claims when a serious event occurs.   

“It's about establishing a community and supporting that entire community by making sure that all parts of that community run successfully, understand their roles and work really hard to achieve a common goal”. Emily Doherty on Strata Management. 

When it comes to strata insurance, Emily adds ‘A good strata manager manages buildings and people. We are the connective tissue between the occupant and the insurance company, not only in catastrophic events like an earthquake or a fire, but every day as well dealing with repairs and communicating with owners’.   

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