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Being an Underwriter – Meet Renee Reiri

This next video in our interactive video series ‘Being A Strata Professional’ introduces you to Renee Reiri, Head of Underwriting Service Delivery at CHU.  

Renee has 15 years of experience in insurance, working in diverse roles including customer service, underwriting, sales, and leadership, which have all culminated into her current leadership role heading up the CHU Underwriting Service Delivery.  

In this video, Renee offers insights into the role of an Underwriter especially in the world of strata at CHU. She outlines the main role and responsibility of an Underwriter and explains the Underwriter’s important role of assessing risks and analysing policy history and claims trends to determine the best outcome for both the insurer and the insured.  

Renee describes Underwriters as the ultimate problem solvers, finding insurance solutions for all buildings, especially when it comes to complex buildings with defects, claims history or other risks identified.  

Renee stresses the importance of listening to customers, understanding their needs, and identifying risks. Building strong customer relationships is key, facilitated by various communication methods. Underwriters help customers understand policies and ensure the right coverage applies for them. 

She highlights that ongoing skill development and industry trend awareness as crucial.  

“Every day, our aim as underwriters is to protect our customers from an unexpected or sudden financial loss, and give them peace of mind, this is what I love about being an Underwriter”.  

Join us, as Renee Reiri guides us through the complex world of underwriting, uncovering this important role in supporting CHU customers with the best policy outcomes for strata property owners. 

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