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Being a Claims Consultant: Exploring the Role with Kara McInnes

In the latest release of our "Being a Strata Professional" interactive video series, we introduce Kara McInnes, the National Claims Service Manager at CHU Underwriting Agencies. Kara brings over 13 years of experience in the insurance industry, embodying CHU's commitment to leadership and staff development. In this video, she deep dives into the role of a claims consultant in the strata industry. 

Kara McInnes joined CHU in 2017 as Claims Team Manager. Her journey at CHU has been marked by a series of significant accomplishments, culminating in her current role as National Claims Service Manager. In 2020, Kara was honoured with the prestigious “Young Gun” Award by Insurance Business, a recognition that sparked her career aspirations and personal growth.  

The role of a Claims Consultant is complex and multifaceted, focusing primarily on ensuring that customers receive exceptional service throughout their claim. From lodging and processing the claim right through to finalisation of the claim. Claims Consultants deal with brokers, strata managers and property owners during the claim and are responsible to ensure effective communication throughout the claims lifecycle.  

During the claims process, whether it is upon receipt of the claim, through to assessing and initiating the repair work, clients are often facing their most vulnerable times, especially in the case of catastrophe claims. Creating a supportive environment and responding with urgency and understanding is critical.  

In the "Being a Claims Consultant" video, Kara offers an in-depth look at the world of strata claims, sharing her insights and experiences. This video is a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding the critical role of claims consultants in the strata industry and the impact of effective claims management on customer satisfaction. 

Join us as Kara McInnes, CHU’s National Claims Service Manager, takes us through the dynamic and impactful world of claims consultancy, highlighting the skills, dedication, and leadership required to excel in this crucial role. 

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