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Optimising Strata Building Management with CHU Inspect

At CHU, we understand the challenges faced by building managers in ensuring seamless operations while maintaining compliance and safety standards. Keeping track of critical data in relation to each building such as access codes, building condition reports, fire safety and general maintenance can be time consuming, and miscommunications can be extremely costly. 

Enter CHU Inspect 

CHU Inspect, a cutting-edge solution, can dramatically improve the building management process and enhance the overall efficiency of property maintenance. 

CHU Inspect combines the power of LIDar, tailored software applications and drone technology in what will become the next generation of building management. Acting as a central repository for vital information, it provides building managers with unparalleled access to critical data, including access codes, facility hours, building conditions, and essential documentation. From compliance matters such as fire safety tagging to infrastructure locations like gas, water, and fire equipment, CHU Inspect ensures that all necessary information is readily available at your fingertips. 

One of the standout features of CHU Inspect is its ability to facilitate seamless knowledge transfer between individuals and contractors. Gone are the days of ‘email chains or paper trails which can easily be missed, lost or incorrectly filed, resulting in lost information. With CHU Inspect, detailed building knowledge can be effortlessly tagged and shared, streamlining collaboration and improving efficiency across the board. 

In addition to enhancing communication and information sharing, CHU Inspect also offers a more eco-friendly approach to building management. By reducing the number of site visits one virtual inspection can be utilised and accessed by multiple parties. Not only does this reduce carbon footprint, but it also saves valuable time and resources. 

CHU Inspect simplifies work order processing, making it faster and more accurate than ever before. By merging current images with the exact location within the building, CHU Inspect ensures precise identification of issues, speeding up the quoting and rectification processes. With our digital tagging feature, building managers can also keep track of the history of works completed, facilitating comprehensive asset management and maintenance planning. 

Whether it's creating a defects register or devising an asset maintenance plan, CHU Inspect offers unparalleled flexibility and customisation. With the ability to colour-code tags based on the nature of damage or order of importance, building managers can prioritise tasks effectively and ensure that critical issues are addressed promptly. 

In the complex world of strata building management, CHU Inspect can make life easier for building managers and all parties involved in maintaining and managing strata properties.    

To learn more about CHU Inspect, arrange a demo or book in an inspection, contact our team.