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CHU is offering customers a counselling support service

As this unprecedented catastrophe continues to unfold on the East Coast of Australia, the impact on everyone involved in this crisis is plain to see. So many people are under pressure and working to their absolute limits. 

It is for this reason that CHU is extending the offer to access a counselling support service to our customers. This service will be completely free of charge for anyone who utilises it. The counselling support service is offered under CHU’s Health and Wellbeing Program called “NurCHUre”. The NurCHUre program also gives access to additional support and resources across 5 key pillars of health and wellbeing: family, life, health, money and work. If you would like to access this service please contact your local CHU Office who can help with contact details.

Vulnerable Customers and Financial Hardship 

If you know of any insured who is particularly vulnerable at this time, financially or otherwise, please let us know. We can expedite payments and provide further assistance to them. In addition to this, we have accelerated the process for getting customers into temporary accommodation through Insurance Claims Rentals. If you require assistance with financial hardship click here.

Lodging Claims 

Please be aware that we are still receiving a very high number of calls and claim lodgements due to the extreme weather events. New claim lodgements can be made online at: 

You will receive acknowledgement and a claim number within 24-48 hours of lodgement. Any urgent claims will receive priority attention. For non-urgent storm claims allow a period of up to three days for the appointment of a builder or assessor. 

Existing Claims 

We will do everything we can to respond to your submitted correspondence on existing claims within 10 business days. However, please note that turnaround times may be impacted by the current volume of requests we are receiving. We endeavour to maintain service levels on existing claim portfolios.