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CHU introduces innovative technology integration that will enhance claims transparency

CHU, the leading strata insurance specialist, is proud to announce an industry-first integration with ENData that will streamline and enhance the claims management process.

CHU’s StrataTech platform and ENData will be integrated. ENData is a platform used by assessors, builders and repairers to manage and automate strata property end to end claims processing. This innovative integration will benefit brokers and strata managers in managing claims for their clients.

Utilising this integration with StrataTech, CHU will streamline the claims management process, reduce costs, lighten workload and allow real-time visibility on claims repairs. This development creates a seamless link between all stakeholders in the claims process. It empowers brokers and strata managers with critical and real-time updates resulting in more efficient claims resolution.

Key Benefits of this new integration with StrataTech:

Transparency: Brokers and strata managers now have unprecedented visibility into the progress of claims. System-generated messages and real-time updates from CHU Assess and builders utilising ENData provide a clear picture of the actions taken at every step of the claims journey.

Streamlined Workflows: Through automation, the process of allocating and managing repairs and replacements will be simplified which will help resolve claims quickly. This reduces administrative delays and minimises the potential for miscommunication, resulting in faster claim resolutions.

Improved Service and Enhanced Customer Experience: Property owners and strata communities’ benefit from a smoother claims process. The workflow driven approach for suppliers ensures a greater level of consistency and quality of workmanship resulting in better claims outcomes for customers.

Data-Driven Insights: The integration enables CHU to capture critical data, facilitating continuous improvement and cost minimisation in its claims management processes.

CHU’s CEO, Kimberley Jonsson stated, "This innovation represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to providing industry-leading strata insurance solutions. We are empowering brokers and strata managers with the real-time information they need to navigate the claims process and provide greater ease and efficiency, resulting in a better experience for their clients."

CHU continues to lead the way on technology for the strata industry. This integration is being rolled out for all CHU’s claims, starting with NSW, intermediaries will start to see updates and automated messages from ENData within the StrataTech’s ‘Claims View’ over the next few months. 

Brokers and Strata Managers are invited to learn more about this exciting development to ‘Claims View’ via StrataTech on our website or by contacting CHU’s BDM Team.

Download the ENData Factsheet