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Maximising Insurance Claims Efficiency in Strata Buildings with CHU Inspect Technology

In the complex world of insurance claims for strata buildings, efficiency, accuracy, and transparency are paramount. Whether it's assessing damages, reporting and documenting the damage, managing and facilitating repairs, every step in the process requires meticulous attention to detail. The CHU claims team have a unique approach to claims management that is leading the way in the industry. This includes empowering the largest and most experienced claims team in the strata industry, who are equipped with the right technology, to make decisions and provide exceptional service in the moments that matter. 

One of the challenges in strata claims management is capturing evidence of all the damage. There is often safety and access issues with the site post an event. Whether its after a fire, flood or any other claim incident, the site is often hard to access for trades people and assessors, making inspections difficult and dangerous. 

Enter CHU Inspect

CHU Inspect has revolutionised the way assessors and repairers can determine the extent of the damage. Utilising this state-of-the-art technology, assessors gain access to a digital twin of the building. This includes the exterior and interior providing an extremely detailed and accurate virtual replica of the building.  

Utilising CHU Inspect not only expedites the assessment process but also ensures that all stakeholders are well-informed and adequately prepared for the next steps in the claim process. 

This digital twin serves as a comprehensive repository of data, capturing every detail of the building's condition. It can capture with pinpoint accuracy all the damage details, which can be annotated for the assessor and repairer. The visual evidence that is often missed by the naked eye in traditional inspections is visible and can be addressed as part of the claim. The scan can also be used as a digital blueprint – and comparison scans can identify existing state vs state post claim incident. This capability is particularly crucial in handling complex sites, providing insurance professionals with invaluable insights into the property's condition. By establishing a clear point in time, these reports play a pivotal role in substantiating insurance claims, ensuring fair and accurate assessments. 

The integration of digital tagging tools further enhances the efficiency of claims process. These tools enable the seamless retention and transmission of data, annotating relevant information for the repairers during the claims process. With clear documentation and precise location tagging, insurers and repairers can navigate through complex claims with unprecedented ease and accuracy. 

CHU Inspect also offers comprehensive insights into the site, including access information, location of utilities, fire safety equipment and other valuable information to help streamline the repair process.  

These efficiencies into the claims lifecycle translates into tangible benefits for all parties, but essentially increases the transparency and communication between insurers, brokers and policyholders during the claims process.  

Including a scan by CHU Inspect into the strata management process will result in faster and more accurate claim resolutions, reduced disputes, and ultimately, greater satisfaction for all parties involved. 

To learn more about CHU Inspect, arrange a demo or book in an inspection, contact our team.