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Recycling claims waste with Handel - 12 months on

Our landfill sites are filling. More than a third of the waste now generated in Australia ends up in landfill, with insurance clean-up and repair work material a significant contributor.

A year ago, as part of its environment and sustainability strategy, one of Australia’s leading strata insurance specialists, CHU, began piloting a scheme in Queensland with eco waste managers Handel Group to lessen impact on landfill. 

CHU uses the unique FLEXiSKiP by handel: to collect and remove waste. The skips are designed to be 100 per cent recycled and can be easily erected on sites. The waste materials are later moved to handel: recycle partners to recycle. 

A landmark has been reached one year on with 90 per cent of the material gathered in the pilot scheme being recycled.

CHU is now encouraging its panel of builders across Australia to use the skips so that the waste can be recycled. Shortly panels in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania will be able to use the process.

“While it’s absolutely vital for us to help customers get back on their feet after a catastrophe strikes, it’s important we don’t forget that’s not the end of the story,” said CHU’s Head of Claims Andy Martindale.

“The clean-up and repairs following a catastrophe, or a major event generates a substantial amount of waste material."

“With the demand on our landfill sites growing, CHU is pleased that its association with Handel has seen a reduction in the waste. We look forward to seeing this initiative continue to have an impact,” said Andy Martindale.

Handel Group Co-Founder Brett George noted “we’re proud of the result we have achieved during the CHU pilot, but we don’t want to rest here. We have plans to launch steel skips onto the handel: Platform this year, increasing our capabilities all while remaining focused of our environmental impact”.