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Combustible cladding deadline

This is a reminder that owners of certain residential and public buildings with external combustible cladding occupied before 22 October 2018 must be registered through the NSW Cladding Registration portal by 22 February 2019.

New buildings must be registered within four months of the building being first occupied. 

This is due to changes to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (NSW). The amended regulation applies to new and existing buildings of two or more storeys, including residential apartment buildings, aged-care buildings, hospitals and day surgeries, hotels, boarding houses and student accommodation. 

In registering a property with combustible cladding, you are helping to identify and collect information on affected buildings, which:

  • Enables Fire and Rescue NSW to respond accordingly in the case of an emergency and educate occupants on additional fire safety and prevention
  • Helps local councils determine if buildings need to be further assessed or if rectification work is required

Please ensure any building you manage is properly assessed and registered via the online portal (if required) by 22 February 2019 for existing buildings and within four months of a new building being first occupied.

For full details on cladding registration go to the NSW Government website click here

For more information on how the new cladding legislation could affect you, click here.