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CHU Superswimmers raise over $5000 for Starlight Children's Foundation

CHU Underwriting Agencies Pty Ltd's Super Swim Challenge team (consisting of Rachelle Trayer, Belinda Schiavone, Ravi Muttucomaroe, Victoria Garamy Longbottom,  Linlar Yim, Paul Sassella, Sara Rusdiah and Joanna Renwick) made a HUGE splash this February swimming 178km and raising $5135 for our #CHUrity charity partner Starlight Children's Foundation Australia.

The team consisted of both new and seasoned swimmers who have absolutely loved this challenge. Check out what some of our swimmers had to say about the challenge:

Linlar Yim - “This challenge was a blissful experience. I have reconnected with my internal self from swimming, become more zen, contributed to an amazing cause for the children and fulling my journey that I will continue in bettering my physical and mental heath, Thanking Starlight for a fantastic and impactful challenge to start the year!”

Victoria Garamy Longbottom"Besides being a great cause helping help seriously sick children, I really enjoyed the personal challenge.  It’s been years since I’ve seriously swum laps so going for two training sessions a few days before 1 Feb isn’t to be recommended. As the days passed, I realised I had underestimated the distance I had set.  At the 27km mark I decided to go for 60km.  By 30k my body started to feel the distances.  I loved being back in the water even the days I didn’t feel like going but always felt on top of the world after each session."

Ravi Muttucomaroe – “I am a regular Swimmer but swimming with a Team and for a worthy cause like Starlight Kids foundation has made my regular swims more enjoyable and meaningful. Also pleased to see the Team encouraging each other as Swimming the entire month of Feb. Was not an easy task.”

Sara Rusdiah - “This challenge has allowed me to not only  improve my stamina and health, but to also reconnect with a hobby that I had neglected for far too long! There is no better feeling than knowing that all these personal gains translate to the gains of others too, especially the children and families that Starlight Swim are supporting through this wonderful charity event.”

Belinda Schiavone - “The super swim challenge is a great way to start the year with positivity - both from a mental and physical health perspective, while raising money for an important cause. Unfortunately, an ear infection stopped me in my tracks (or lane) this year but I was truly inspired by my fellow CHU swim team who managed to dive in and swim so many KMs and raise funds the kids of Starlight. I am definitely keen and inspired to do it again next year.”

Rachelle Trayer  - "I absolutely loved being part of the Team CHU Superswim Starlight Challenge for the 2nd year in a row. I am beginner swimmer and loved the motivation to get out swimming every day. It helped me feel great mentally and physically whilst raising money for a very important cause. The team spirit and regular check-ins amongst the team put a huge smile on my face"

Paul Sassella - "The starlight foundation is such a wonderful organisation; trying to bring joy to kids with the weight of the world on their shoulders is such a beautiful and important goal, so it's been great to be involved with trying to raise money to help support that awesome work.  I've also really enjoyed the physical challenge.  I managed to swim 42km over the month which feels incredible given that I thought I had been over ambitious when I initially committed to 16km.  My body is certainly feeling the strain but being part of the CHU swim team has been a great motivator to get into the pool, and to keep going throughout the month."

Starlight's mission is "To brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families".  Thank you to everyone who has already generously donated. For anyone who would still like to donate to the CHU Swim squad please click here.