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CHU launches "What is Strata Insurance?" video in Mandarin

Did you know that census data shows 50% of the people who live in Strata in Australia do not speak English at home?

At CHU, we know insurance can be difficult to understand and we are working to make it more accessible to all owners.

The most commonly spoken language after English is Mandarin. In fact there are over 150,000 apartment residents in Australia who speak Mandarin at home. As a first step, CHU have produced our "What is Strata insurance?" (什么是分契式物业保险?" video in Mandarin.

CHU have also produced our Residential Strata Insurance Plan Quick Guide in Simplified Chinese for those who are interested in getting more of an understanding of the detail.

Please feel free to share this video with your colleagues, clients, or family who are Mandarin speakers and might like to learn more about their Strata Insurance.