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CHU establishes a national restoration panel

Helping strata owners get back on their feet after a claim

After flooding or fire, one of the biggest issues for strata owners is restoring their property back to its original condition.

To help them get back on their feet quicker CHU has created a panel of restorers (CHU Builder and Restoration Panel) to ensure there is no long-term impact from the original disaster, such as mould from the water damage or smoke issues from a fire.

Some big pluses:

  1. The CHU Builder and Restoration Panel helps simplify and speed up the claims process. 
  2. CHU will reimburse the panel restorer directly, taking the hassle out of owners needing to pay and seek reimbursement from CHU.
  3. The quality of the restoration work will be guaranteed by CHU.
  4. The CHU restorers will ensure the appropriate restoration work is carried out and help reduce claims costs.

The CHU Builder and Restoration Panel complements CHU’s existing loss adjuster and builder panels on specific claims, such as major water damage, fire and drug lab residue.

All the restorers on this nation-wide panel are accredited by the restoration industry standards certification, IICRC.

Builders and restorers work in unison with one another – speeding up the rectification process.

Builders have the authority to engage with a CHU panel restorer and vice versa.

More information is available on the CHU website – including the Builder and Restorer Panel list and Builder and Restorer Panel FAQ's. If you are unsure of whether to contact a Builder or Restorer please call CHU on 1300 361 263.

If you have any queries about the panel process please contact Steve Toppercov, National Supply Chain Manager via email or your local claims team on 1300 361 263.