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CHU celebrates Harmony Day by sharing the unique cultures that make up our team

Over the past couple of days, the CHU's state hubs got together to celebrate Harmony Day as part of our March Connection days.

At CHU, we pride ourselves on creating a workplace where diversity is celebrated and embraced.

We celebrated the diversity of cultures and backgrounds within our teams by sharing food, stories and music. It was great to see some of the photos coming in from across the offices from the day.

Our SA team learned to cook a Tomato and Chickpea curry along with some other dishes and managed to transform rescued ingredients into 145 nourishing meals that we have donated to people in need via OzHarvest.

Our other state offices celebrated Harmony Day with home-cooked meals to share with the team. This was a great opportunity for us to come together and celebrate our differences while enjoying something that unites us - food!!

We are incredibly lucky to have so many excellent cooks who took the time to create meals that we could share together and learn from each other.

Thank you to everyone for their wonderful contributions to the team's cultural celebrations.