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A Shark Tank Experience Unleashes Creativity From Within CHU

In March 2023, the inaugural CHU FuCHUre Forum 23 took place in the sunny Gold Coast. A diverse group of CHU team members attended the forum and worked together with senior leaders to identify future goals, potential areas of growth and innovation for both the business and strata industry.  

At the end of the event, 4 project teams were formed and each team was tasked with a specific challenge to work on over the coming 7 months. 

Fast forward 7 months to Friday 20 October 2023, in an exciting ‘Shark Tank’ inspired event, the CHU teams came together in Sydney to present their ideas to an esteemed panel of ‘sharks’. The panel included CHU’s CEO Kimberley Jonsson, CFO/ COO James Makin, Learning and Devlopment Manager Steve Brisson, Head of People and Communications Kristy Pownall and Steadfast’s COO Nigel Fitzgerald. We also had a special guest CHU Chairman of the Board, Philip Purcell. 

The teams presented their ideas to tackle complex challenges of the future of CHU. Through collaboration, brainstorming, and determination, they crafted innovative solutions that have the potential to revolutionise how we operate. 

They were encouraged to dream big, present blue-sky ideas but also address some of the practicalities of implementing some of these ideas such as budget, resources and technology. 

The result? An explosion of exciting ideas that promise to shape the future of CHU. 

CEO and Shark, Kimberley Jonsson said

"Witnessing the synergy and enthusiasm in the room was truly inspiring. The diversity of thought, combined with our shared commitment to excellence, resulted in a whirlwind of creativity that was both energising and contagious"

While we can’t reveal all the ideas just yet, be prepared for innovations in customer service, process optimisation, and technological advancements. These ideas represent the spirit of CHU – bold, forward-thinking, and customer-centric. 

Philip Purcell, Chairman of the board of CHU said, "It was a privilege to be here to witness this very exciting group of people gathered under the brand of CHU, these amazing ideas all had one thing in common, they put our customers at the centre of the solution, and that is what CHU is all about.” 
Kimberley Jonsson, CEO said "I have never been in a room that started and finished with such an amazing level of energy. We know we have a lot of work ahead of us, but I am more confident than ever that the fuCHUre of CHU is very bright!"