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Payment Methods

5 Easy ways to pay your premium

CHU provides you with more options and more efficient ways of making premium payments to us. There are 5 options to choose from to make a payment:

  • Credit Card

    To pay your premium via credit card click here. Payment can be made for Policy Renewals, Endorsements and New Business, where a policy number has been allocated.

    Please note you will need your DEFT reference number and policy number when making payment.

    When paying by credit card, CHU obtains approval from the credit card company for the amount of the order and billing occurs at this time.

    Security: CHU credit card payments section is a secure part of our site. Data transmissions between your computer and CHU are transmitted securely over the internet using 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology which encrypts your personal details and your credit card number.

  • BPAY
    BPAY Payment Details

    Refer to your payment advice.

    Biller code: 667154.

    Please always quote your DEFT Reference number when using BPAY.

  • Bank Transfer
    Electronic Funds Transfer (DEFT) – New Bank Details

    Pay your premium online. Make an Electronic Funds Transfer payment from your bank account directly to CHU’s bank account, details below:

    Account Name: QBE Insurance (Australia) Ltd

    Bank: Macquarie Bank

    BSB No: 182 222

    Account No: 3019 26960

    Lodgement Reference: Your lodgement reference number

    Please quote your lodgement reference number when making your EFT payment.

    Note: Payment of Community Association can not be made via this method.

  • Post Office

    Payment can be made at any Australia Post outlet or agent. Please present your DEFT payment slip for scanning.

    All requests to negate charges due to fraudulent credit card use will be investigated by our technical department and legal advisors. Should you make a fraudulent claim of unauthorised card usage, this will be reported to the credit card service and may result in cancellation of your card service.

    Note: Payment of Community Association can not be made via this method.

  • Cheque

    Return address for paying a premium by cheque is:

    CHU Underwriting Agencies Pty Ltd
    GPO Box 4571
    Sydney NSW 2001

    IMPORTANT – Please use this mailing address only for payment of premiums i.e send cheque payments with a completed DEFT payment slip.

    All other correspondence and payments, such as for certificates of currencies, must be sent to your local branch office.