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Payment Methods

5 Easy ways to pay your premium

CHU provides you with more options and more efficient ways of making premium payments to us. There are 5 options to choose from to make a payment:

  • Credit Card

    a) To pay your premium via credit card click here for VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners Club. Suitable for split payments. 

    Payment can be made using the DEFT reference number found on the Tax Invoice page of your policy schedule. 


    b) Over the phone on 1300 289 248 (Self-managed strata customer enquiries) or 1300 361 263 (Broker and strata manager enquiries) to CHU for VISA and MasterCard only. No split payments. 

  • BPAY
    BPAY Payment Details

    Refer to your payment advice.

    Biller code: 667154.

    Please always quote your DEFT Reference number when using BPAY.

  • Bank Transfer
    Electronic Funds Transfer (DEFT) – New Bank Details

    Pay your premium online. Make an Electronic Funds Transfer payment from your bank account directly to CHU’s bank account, details below:

    Account Name: QBE Insurance (Australia) Ltd

    Bank: Macquarie Bank

    BSB No: 182 222

    Account No: 3019 26960

    Lodgement Reference: Your lodgement reference number

    Please quote your lodgement reference number when making your EFT payment.

    Note: Payment of Community Association can not be made via this method.

  • Post Office

    Payment can be made at any Australia Post outlet or agent. Please present your DEFT payment slip for scanning.

    All requests to negate charges due to fraudulent credit card use will be investigated by our technical department and legal advisors. Should you make a fraudulent claim of unauthorised card usage, this will be reported to the credit card service and may result in cancellation of your card service.

    Note: Macquarie no longer accepts cash payments via DEFT at Australia Post outlets from Friday 29 April 2022.

  • Cheque

    CHU no longer accept cheques directly, but these can be submitted for payment at any Australia Post office.

  • Monthly Instalment Payments

    At CHU, you can now opt to pay your insurance premium via equal monthly instalments.

    What are monthly instalments?

    These are 12 equal monthly payments giving you the freedom to spread the insurance premium equally over 12 months (no additional fees) or via one lump sum. There is no additional fee to pay via instalments, however, please note that if a payment is dishonoured there will be a late payment fee.

    Which products?

    • CHU Residential Strata Insurance Plan
    • CHU Commercial Strata Insurance Plan
    • CHU Contents Insurance for Strata
    • CHU Landlords Insurance for Strata
    • Please note that customers who have requested a quote via Compare The Market will have access to instalment payments via IQumulate Premium Funding only

    Who can pay via instalments?

    • Customers who acquire a policy directly through CHU have an option to pay for the policy by way of instalments.


    • For new CHU Residential Strata Insurance Plan customers you can complete the Online Direct Debit request form at the end of the online application form or complete  this form and send it back to or call our customer service team on 1300 289 248 during business hours.
    • For all other products or insurance renewals please complete this form and send it back to or call our customer service team on 1300 289 248 during business hours.
    • Once you have completed this form and your application is approved you will receive the instalment schedule, PDS and insurance certificate.

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