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CHU’s Technical Claims Manager named as a 2021 Young Gun 

Alex Stefan, Technical Claims Manager at strata insurance specialist CHU, has been named as a Young Gun in “Insurance Business Australia’s” magazine’s 2021 listing. 

Insurance Business Australia surveys the industry annually to find, to quote the magazine "young bloods that are bringing fresh energy, bright ideas, new innovations, and effective leadership to their respective organisations amid today’s challenging environment, assuring us that the future of insurance remains bright.” 

Joining CHU in January 2018, Alex established a specialised major loss team, providing training to upskill staff and implementing processes to ensure the management of claims and subsequent cost reduction. This resulted in a 10% reduction in the average cost of major loss claims and a 3% drop in loss ratio nationally. A big plus was that its helped reduce cost of premiums for CHU customers. 

She was also responsible for a number of other initiatives at CHU: 

  • Created a referral process for recoveries; 
  • Established a national specialised building and loss adjuster panel for major losses; 
  • Put into practice a cash settlement procedure; 
  • Implemented a national claims procedure manual for the entire CHU claims function;  and  
  • Piloted a recycling program with Handel Waste Management as part of CHU’s sustainability strategy.  

Her many responsibilities include managing the QBE internal audit for CHU claims nationally and completing the Builders Panel Review for claims. 

Her aim is to join CHU’s senior leadership team but, in the near future, she hopes to establish and manage a ‘green team’ that will help CHU implement environmentally initiatives. For more information about the submission on the Insurance Business Australia website, click here.